Friday, January 15, 2010

FREE coupon printing paper at Office Max and EBATES!!

Ok, it's official, I'm LOVING ebates and I'm loving getting office supplies free! I did both this morning and thought I'd share. First the office supplies. Right now at they are doing a GREAT deal on printer paper. FIRST, you sign up for your Max Perks card (works like a Bilo Bonus Card basically) because you can only get this deal if you put in your Max Perks number when you order! Right on the home page of the website, you will see a little box on the right side that says "Max Perks rewards" in it. Click there to see all of the Max Perks deals going on this week. I ordered a 10 ream pack of printer paper (5000 sheets) and paid 34.99 for it. I also ordered 24 Black Sharpie Markers (for Robbie) and paid 11.98 for them. After I get my max perks check back, I will get 41.00 of that back! That means I got 5000 sheets of paper and 24 Sharpie Markers for NOTHING!!!!! If you print a lot of coupons, you should do this! Free paper can't be beat! I plan on using my 41.00 rewards check to buy ink for my printer, so I will pay 41.00 total and will get 5000 sheets of paper, 24 Sharpie Markers AND ink for my printer! That makes for some cheap coupon printing! (Oh, and by the way, I bought a $4 pack of pens to get my total over $50 so they would do free shipping, so all of it is being delivered to my house and I didn't have to pay any extra or any gas money to drive up there!)

Now for Ebates!!! I've mentioned ebates before and I'm STILL loving ebates. I buy a lot of stuff online because quite frankly, it's a better deal when you do it online and use online coupon codes (which are ABUNDANT on almost everything). I try to take advantage of free shipping deals and have gotten all sorts of stuff online. I also do a lot of Ebay to get things even cheaper. What ebates basically is, is a tracking site. They track your purchases and then give you a percentage of everything you spend back in the form of a rebate check. A little while back, I won a $500 Publix gift card which I turned into sears gift cards and bought a TV with it. Instead of just going to the store and buying the TV, I went through Ebates and bought it online and picked the option to pick it up at the store. At the time (cyber monday) they were offering 6% cash back to Sears on ebates. Since I paid for it online, I got a rebate from Ebates for $36!!! See how this works??
This morning, I did my order to Office Max through ebates and earned another 2% back from Ebates thus making my order FREE with Max perks AND I made a PROFIT on it by using ebates. The most important thing to remember is to ALWAYS go to FIRST, before you order ANYTHING online. Once there, you look for the company you are ordering from in their VERY long listing of companies that participate, click on the company and wait for the box to come up that says your order is now being tracked. ONLY ORDER THROUGH THAT SCREEN THAT COMES UP, because if you order it in another window, it will not track and you will not get credit. As far as I know, you can't go back and get credit for something that was not tracked.

Another cool thing about ebates is that they have a friend program. If you refer a friend to them, you get $5 in your ebates account. Obviously, I'd love to get $5 in my account if you sign up, so if you sign up, please let me know at and I will send you an email that you can click through to credit my account with the $5. Then you can sign up all of your friends and get $5 in your account too!!! Happy cyber shopping!


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