Friday, January 15, 2010

Check out the NEW and IMPROVED Frog blog

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I get bored easily. Thus the reason, I keep changing the layout of the Frog Blog! I just like to keep it interesting and I also like to find new things to add to it that help all of you in your couponing! Soooooo, once again, I've changed the layout! I've worked really hard on it and really LONG on it, because I am SO not a web designer and quite frankly do not have a clue as to what I'm doing, BUT it works for now (until I get bored again).  Anyway, I wanted to point out some COOL new things on here!

First of all, I'll just be honest, I make a small amount of money if you click on the google ads that pop up. I would not mention this except for the fact that some of the ads are really good and you and I would BOTH win if you click on them. I have the parameters set so that the only ads that pop up are coupon deals and other deals at online stores. The bad thing is, I'm not allowed to click on them or it cancels my contract. That's quite a bummer because some of them are great and I'd LOVE to take advantage of them. So, if you have time, do some clicking on the ads that are at the top of the screen under my header and there are a few at the bottom and one small one on the side. One I wanted to point out is the Amazon ad. I love Amazon and if you have not discovered amazon, you are missing out. I've gotten MANY great deals, practically FREE magazines, and I bought Robbie's camcorder from there and got a GREAT deal on it. Anyway, when you click, I get paid, so IF you have time, I'd really appreciate it. THANKS!

OK, on to the good stuff... On the side, you will notice quite a few new "widgets" that hopefully will be very helpful to you. There is one for Southern Savers. Instead of having to go to the site, you can look right there in the widget and click on any subjects that interest you and it will take you straight to them! It is updated constantly, so anytime Jenny adds something new, it will show up there.

There is also a widget for Hot Coupon World. I get most of my Target printable coupons from there. You will also find a coupon database on  HCW if you need to see if there is a coupon out for a specific item.

I've also added a widget entitled "Mommy Saves Big"- this one has all sorts of online coupon codes! If you shop online, check it out and save some money!

You will also find a widget for Swagbucks. I'm new to swagbucks, but it's a way to earn points for online orders and other things that you can redeem for some COOL stuff! If you've not heard of Swagbucks, check it out.

Some other things to look for on my blog is the AWESOME new coupon preview widget!!!! All you do is click on it and it will tell you what coupons will be in the newspaper for any given week! That was an awesome find and I'm really excited about that one. There is also a box on there for Facebook and Twitter. The best way for my blog to get advertised is for you to share it with your friends, so feel free to click on the box and share it with your friends. I've also added an email subscription box where you can get an email everytime I add something on my blog. Finally, if you plan to come to my coupon workshop on the 30th and have not told me through Facebook yet, there is a place there to RSVP right here on my blog. If you've already responded through Facebook there is no need to do it here also.

I hope you enjoy the new face of the Frog Blog! As usual, I'll always add things as I find them. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Thanks!


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