Wednesday, October 14, 2009

YET ANOTHER absolutely AMAZING week at Rite Aid!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE shopping at Rite Aid. It has quickly become my FAVORITE place to shop.. Well, I'm not sure if you can call what I do shopping since I don't ever pay for anything!!!! Should I feel guilty??? nahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Ok, as you all know by now, I ONLY shop at Rite Aid about once a month. I wait until I get my rebate checks from the month before. Then I watch for a really great week with lots of free stuff and I go buy stuff that is all gonna be free after my rebate and I use my rebate from the month before to pay for it. When all is said and done everything I've gotten from Rite Aid is free!

This month, I started out with a 10.00 rebate check and a 10.00 Rite Aid gift card that I earned for the month of September. Today I purchased the following:

Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller @ 21.99
-used a 1.00 off any Olay moisturizer
Herbal Essence Shampoo @ 2.50
-used a 1.00 off any H. E. product
Herbal Essence Conditioner @ 2.50
-used a B1 H.E. product G1 FREE coupon
Pantene Shampoo @ 3.50
Chloraseptic Allergan Block Gel @ 9.99
-used a 3.00 Coupon
Chilren's Sore Throat Coolers @ 2.99
-used a 1.00 printable coupon
Simply Saline Cold spray @ 4.99
-used a $5 off any $25 Rite Aid purchase coupon

My total was 34.96. I then used my 10.00 rebate check and my 10.00 gift card.
When all was said and done I paid 17.87 in REAL money. Now for my rebates....

$20 mail-in Rebate wyb Olay Eye Roller and any Pantene shampoo (this is a proctor and gamble rebate-not through rite-aid)
$10 Single Check rebate for purchasing $30 of P&G products
$9.99 SCR for purchasing Chloraseptic item
$2.99 SCR for purchasing Sore throat coolers
$4.99 SCR for purchasing simply saline nose spray

AND, this brought me up to over 83.00 on the Fall savings promotion that they have going on, so I should also be getting an ADDITIONAL 10.00 from that.

So, are you ready for this??? I will be getting back 57.97 in rebates and I only spent 17.87! Not bad for a days work, huh? I'm telling you, if you have not started visiting rite aid, you are missing out! In September and October, my totals for Rite Aid are as follows:

Regular Retail of all items 109.89
Amount Spent 19.49
Amount coming in rebates 57.97

So I have MADE 38.48 by shopping at Rite Aid (once my next set of rebate checks come in). I LOVE Rite Aid!!!


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