Saturday, October 17, 2009

SC Johnson Mail-In Rebate-You don't want to miss this one!

Thanks to one of Jennie's posters over at named Joy, I bring you this REALLY great deal!!! There is a mail in Rebate here (click on "special offer" link in middle of page)
Here is what it's for... You buy any 3 scjohnson products including the following brand names:
zip loc
scrubbing bubbles
nature's source

And, you mail in your ORIGINAL cash register receipts (from multiple stores is OK) and you get a 5.00 Rebate check. The absolute coolest thing about this is that it says you can do this THREE times per household (has to be original receipts and they all have to be mailed in seperate envelopes)! AND you have until 6/30/2010 to do it!! It started on 10/1/09, so if you save your receipts and you have purchased these items, you can go back and pull those out and mail it in also. You do NOT need the UPC's from the products but you do need the UPC #'s to write on the rebate form.

Now, for those of you who shop at CVS... That is where I plan on using 2 of my rebate submissions this week. I will go tonight (remember, you can shop early at some CVS stores-after 6pm) so that I'm sure they will have the items in stock. Here is my plan...

Robbie also has an extra care card account (you are allowed 1 per person) so, HE will purchase the following with his card...He's starting out with $4 in extra bucks from last week...

Transaction #1
Glade Reed Diffuser @6.99
-Use 3.00 off any Glade Fragrace Collection item
-Use 4.00 in Extra Bucks from last week
Pay ZERO-get 6.99 in Extra Bucks

Transaction #2
Glade Sense and Spray Starter kit @5.00
(4) Glade Fabric and Air Sprays @ 12.00
-Use 4.00 off glade sense and spray
-use B1G1 coupon for Fabric and Air (-3.00)
-use 2.00/2 coupon for fabric and air
-use 6.99 in extra bucks (from Trans #1)
Pay $1.01

Now for my transactions using MY extra care card. I'm stocking up on Candy for trunk n treat and I have 10.00 in extra bucks left over from last week....

Transaction #1
Glade 4 wick candle @6.99
-use 3.00 coupon
Pay 3.99-get 6.99 in extra bucks

Transaction #2
Glade Sense and Spray Starter kit @5.00
-use 4.00 coupon
(1) Hershey's Kisses @2.50
-use 1.00 coupon
(3)Hersheys' Fun size candy @7.50
-use 1.00/3 Hershey's candy
(2) Nestle Fun size @ 5.00
-use 1.00 printable coupon
-use 1.00 printable coupon
(2) M&M/Mars Funsize candy @ 5.00
-use 1.00/2 coupon
*Buy 1 very small filler item (around $1) so that my total reaches my extra buck amount
-Use my 10.00 extra bucks from last week
-Use my 6.99 extra bucks from transaction #1
I will pay 0.01 and I will get 5.00 in extra bucks for buying $20 worth of Halloween candy

Our total out of pocket at CVS will be around 5.00 and we will be able to mail in for the scjohnson rebate TWO times, and will get 10.00 back in the form of a rebate, PLUS I will still have 5.00 in extra bucks for next week which I will probably use on Sunday to buy more candy once the new B3G1 coupon for Hershey's comes out in the paper. I will pay around 1.50 for that transaction and will have FOUR MORE bags of candy! When all is said and done (mail in rebates included) I will have profited 3.50 from this transaction and will have 12 bags of candy for trunk n treat and a bunch of Glade products!

Remember this rebate can be used anywhere at any store. I just happen to be using mine at CVS. I'll only mail in 2 of my 3 allowed submissions, so I'll save the other one for another great Glade deal!


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