Saturday, October 17, 2009

A REALLY great week shopping pharmacies!

Well, once again, I found myself not needing to go to the grocery store this week. NOT that I plan on running out of anything (heaven forbid), but when you have 12 tubes of toothpaste, 20 packs of noodles,14 Warm Delights, and groceries stashed in 3 different places, who really needs to make a grocery store run?? I figured I'd just let the rest of you couponers out there have fun this week and I'd stay home! :) So, no groceries for me, however my Rite Aid rebate check was calling my name saying "spend me, spend me" and then there was the Rite Aid gift card that I got this week, AND the $10 mastercard from Kellogg's.... Needless to say, I knew I wouldn't be spending much of my money so I thought I'd see what I could find in the world of pharmacies. Here is my weekly stats.

Rebates/Free stuff received this week in the mail...
$10 Rite Aid Single Check Rebate
$10 Rite Aid gift card
$10 pre-paid Mastercard from Kelloggs
FREE Chik-fil-A Sandwich coupon
FREE sample of Honey Nut Cherios
FREE sample of Secret Clinical Deodorant with a $2 coupon

How much I spent in two trips-one to CVS and one to Rite Aid...
Regular Price of items-153.72
Amount paid out of pocket-19.32
Amount Saved-134.40
% Saved-87%
Rebates earned with these purchases- $37.97 from Rite Aid, $20 from Proctor and Gamble, $10 from SCJohnson, and a Free kitchenware set from Good Cook Kitchenware (earned with Proctor and Gamble purchase)

When all my rebates are recieved, I will have made a profit of $48.65 this week and will have a new kitchenware set as a bonus. God has been so good to us once again. I don't EVER want to take credit for something that GOD started in our family. He is good-ALL the time!


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