Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Never leave a store disappointed!!!

I've had coupons for the Glade 2 oz soy candles in my binder for a while now. I saw yesterday on southern savers that Walgreens had them and that if you "bought" them you would get $1 in register rewards. The coupon I'm referring to was a FREE coupon. No purchase required-just free. Tonight I went in to see if I could find them. I also needed laundry detergent and baby powder and planned to pay regular price for it. When I walked in, the first thing I saw was an endcap with Rembrandt toothpaste on it. The toothpaste was Free after you got $5 back in register rewards so I figured there was no sense in leaving the store with JUST the things I needed!!! I picked up the toothpaste, searched the ENTIRE store looking for my free candles with no luck, and got the two things I needed. I got to the register and what do you know!!! The candles are at the front register (Simpsonville store)!!!! I bought 3 of them with my 3 coupons and my $5 toothpaste. My total was 5.75 after tax. Then the girl handed me $6 in Register rewards which I used on my Laundry detergent (on sale) and my baby powder (regular price if you can believe that!!!) All together, I walked out with Rembrandt toothpaste, 3 soy candles, 2 Arm and Hammer Laundry detergents, and baby powder... When all was said and done I paid a little over $9... The laundry detergent alone was almost $8!!!

My point???? Even if you have to go in and buy something at regular price, look for the deals!!! I was ALREADY going to spend around $11 on Laundry detergent and baby powder but taking advantage of register reward deals gave me bonus items for FREE AND gave me a little bit of a discount on the two things I needed to begin with. NEVER leave a store disappointed!!! Always look for the hidden deal.


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