Thursday, September 3, 2009

Westside Church Coupon Binder and some weekly notes

I just finished my once a month "cleaning" of the Westside Church coupon binder. SOOOOO, if you attend Westside, then the binder is all cleaned out, sorted and organized and ready for use... I added a "guidelines" page at the front of the binder so if you would, take just a minute to read this the next time you use the binder. Keeping up with two coupons binders is a lot of work and if everyone who uses it does a small part, it will be a LOT less work for me and I'll have more time to scour the internet and find the deals for you!

In case you have not heard, indeed, Bloom is doing triple coupons AGAIN! Yippppeeee! I went there last night and my total was  around $33.00 after everything was scanned and my final total after coupons was around $4! When I got home, I realized that I bought too many of one item and I actually did not have a coupon for one of them so I paid an extra $2 unintentionally!!!!! If I had not of messed up, my total would have been $2 for everything and that would have been for our banannas we bought! That was a pretty good bloom trip! 

Bilo and Publix both have pretty good sales going on this week. Head over to to check out the deals! There are LOTS of meat deals so this would be a great week to stock your freezer!

I told you about a new website I had found and I have now had a chance to look at it completely and it is indeed a VERY cool website... It's  It is a coupon search site. You can go there and simply type in the name of a product and it will search for all available coupons and give you a list-if the coupon is a printable one, it will also give you a link to it. The COOLEST thing about this site is that it has a grocery store Matchup link on it. When you do this, it asks for the website you want to do matchups with.. I did Bilo yesterday and I just typed in the Bilo web address. It pulled up the website in a split screen format. On one side, I had the Bilo website and on the other, I had the search screen for All I had to do is look at the Bilo ad and type in the name of the item on the search screen and it told me if there was a coupon for it or not. This could be VERY handy for stores like Bloom for example that are not covered on southern savers! I had a lot of fun playing with it yesterday. Check it out!


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