Monday, September 14, 2009

coupon fraud/coupon decoding

I just wanted to address a touchy subject. Coupon fraud. I just read some comments on that really disturbed me. In this week's ad, the Airwick Freshmatic Starter Kits are on sale b1g1 at Bilo. This is one of the items that I posted in my "bilo favorites" blog. After all was said and done, you would have gotten the almost $13 kit for .48. On Wed, I went to Bilo to get this item, however, when I went to that isle and looked, the one that was on sale was NOT the "I-Motion" starter kit. If you read the coupon, the coupon is for the I-motion, not the regular freshmatic starter kit (which is the one that is b1g1). I was GREATLY dissappointed, but I did not buy the item because the coupons did NOT match. On the southern savers site, Jenny posts ALL the coupons that may or may not work with an item. She does NOT believe in coupon decoding and made that abundantly clear at her coupon workshop that I went to. Sometimes, when using the coupon search sites that I'm sure she uses for her match-ups, it lists a coupon that does not exactly match and I'm sure that is how the coupon got listed as a match up. Simple mistake.

I don't know how many of you know about "coupon decoding" but in my opinion-it's wrong. I'm not going to tell you how to do it, but in SOME situations, that coupon WOULD have scanned with the wrong item that was on sale, thus making it .48, however, it would be coupon fraud because that was not the item that the coupon was for. I've had a few people ask me about doing this and if I knew that you could do that, so the answer is yes, I do know that you can do that, but my personal convictions tell me that it would be wrong to do so. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this subject, but my personal convictions dictate that I will not use a coupon for an item if it does not match the wording exactly, even if it WILL scan at the register with no problem. Just something for you all to think about.


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