Monday, September 14, 2009

repost of a "new" way to cut coupons-MUCH easier!

I posted this a while back, but apparently some of you missed it, so I'm posting it again.. If you HATE cutting out coupons with scissors the old fasioned way and you buy MULTIPLE papers, I have two great ways you can do it....

Here's #1-this is for those of you who do NOT have a paper trimmer (one of the big 12 inch ones with the pull-down handle on it-if you own one of those, go to #2-it's easier)

1-Go through all of your inserts and tear them apart into single sheets. They usually rip pretty straight if you do it at the fold carefully.
2-Group all your like pages together all facing the same way and stack NEATLY.
3-Staple each coupon in the center or AWAY from the bar code so that you have all of your identical sheets stapled together neatly and all your identical coupons stapled together neatly.
4-Grab your scissors and cut your coupons. When you are done, all of the like coupons will be stapled together and ready to file.

**Personal note-I don't like having staples in my coupons, so an alternate method would be to put ONE staple up in the upper corner just to hold the like pages together. Then cut out with your scissors and just stack all the like ones together as you cut. No staples makes them easier to get apart at the store, but it's according to your preference-either way works fine.

Method #2
1-Follow steps 1-3 just as the above directions
2- Instead of scissors, use your paper trimmer to cut out your coupons. BE VERY CAREFUL to watch what you are cutting on the back so that you don't cut through another coupon that's on the back


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