Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My favorite Bilo Deals this week...

What a morning! There are a lot of deals to be had this week! I've been busy, busy, getting my lists ready... Here are my favorites for Bilo.. This will be a HUGE cleaning week for me. LOTS of deals on that isle!

Airwick Freshmatic Starter Kit 6.48
-use 6.00 newspaper coupon (makes it .48-REGULAR PRICE IS 12.96!!!!)
************added NOTE! When I went in to get this, the coupon does NOT match. The coupon is for the i-motion, not the regular one... Oh well! Maybe next time!
Spray N Wash Bright n White 1.79
-use 1.25 newspaper coupon (makes it .54)
Chinet Casuals 36 ct paper plates 1.54
-use 1.00 newspaper coupon (makes them .54)
*********Note- they were out of the casuals, but I asked and the classic white is also b1g1-there was no sign in front and they had LOTS of these in stock.
Lays Kettle cooked chips 1.64
-NO coupon-I just LOVE these chips!!!
Land O Lakes Buttery Taste Spread Bowls 1.14
-use .55 printable coupon (makes it 0.04 each)
Baby Cut Carrots 2 lb 1.74
Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes 1.00
-use 1.00/2 newspaper coupon (makes them .50 plus I'm gonna try to use my 2 leftover Publix coupons-the one on Fairview takes competitors coupons)
Tetley 24 ct Tea bags .99
-use 1.00 printable coupon (makes them FREE-GREAT donate item if you don't use Tetley)
Hefty Cinch Sak Tall Kitchen bags 45 ct 3.49
-use 1.00 printable coupon (makes them 2.49)
Mr Clean Magic Erasers 1.13
-use 1.00 newspaper coupon (makes them 0.13)
Endust Free 1.98
-use 2.00 newspaper coupon (makes it free + money back)
Surf 78 oz powder 2.62
-use 1.00 printable (makes it 1.62)
All 2x or 3x liquid 2.62
-use 1.00 newspaper coupon (makes it 1.62)

After this week, everything in my house should be clean with all these cleaning items on sale!!!! All together, I plan to spend about 27.00 on 43 items which are MOSTLY cleaning items. My Airwick Freshmatics alone would be $90.72 if I were paying regular price!!!!!!!!!! Kim, you are about to get a LOT of air fresheners for the karate school!!! lol


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