Thursday, August 20, 2009

The ULTIMATE Publix Deal

Ok ladies, tonight was absolutely positively the BEST deal I've gotten yet when grocery shopping. We took the kids (and us) to Sonic to get a Jr Candy Sunday. Well, since my Starbucks coupons that I ordered on Ebay came today and were in my purse, I told Robbie to just swing by Publix and I would get some Starbucks instead.

I walked in, went straight to the ice cream dept., grabbed TWO containers of Starbucks Ice Cream. Then I went to the register with JUST my ice cream (woman on a mission) and my TWO 2.00 coupons. The teenage guy rang it up, scanned my coupons, got a VERY puzzled look on his face and called the manager over. He said, "do I REALLY give her 0.21?" The manager Said, yep, you do.. I walked out with TWO containers of Starbucks (7.58 regular price), and an extra 0.21 that I did not have before... How cool is it to get paid to buy ice cream!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see- $5.28 at Sonic for 2 Jr Candy Sundaes, an ice cream cone, and tea OR Publix paying ME 0.21 to buy enough ice cream for 8 people (or at least that's what the serving size says-yeah RIGHT!!!) Which do you prefer??? That is NOT hard math....

Have I mentioned lately how thankful I am to God for putting us on this path?? This is so unlike the way we used to do things and I just praise God for giving me the desire to start on this journey. To be able to help other people do it is a true blessing from God!!!! And by the way (Rachel), Caramel Macchiato is VERY good too-


Anonymous said...

So, they actually paid you! I love it! That's great!! And yes, Carmel Macchiato is very good!

Anonymous said...

By the way, the first comment is from me - Tammy Hall. :)

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