Wednesday, August 19, 2009

TONS AND TONS of deals!!!

This is a GREAT week for shopping and stocking up! First of all, if any of you plan to go to the W georgia rd Bloom store today, as of about 8:30am, they were doing TRUE TRIPLES on every single coupon (meaning you WILL get paid profit if your coupon makes it free plus money back.) THIS WAS A COMPUTER GLITCH and they were trying to fix the problem, but if it's still not fixed, GREAT for you!!! I got to take advantage of it and bought a lot of meat (about 15.00 worth) plus a LOT of other stuff and only paid 39.00. Also, wanted to share with you what I learned yesterday (thanks Angela)... When you scan your bloom card at the kiosk at the door and it prints out that sheet of coupons for you- they WILL triple the .99 or less ones!!! I had no idea cuz they start with a 9 and aren't supposed to triple. I think the problem is that Bloom doesn't realize that and they are overriding all of them and making them triple anyway. Also, if it causes you to get an overage (money back), then they will NOT adjust it on those particular coupons and you WILL get the money back! Last night, I got a can of 3.00+ Pam and a vitamin water and they owed me .11!!! Those were the only 2 coupons I used and the only items I bought. I made 1.25 on the Vitamin Water! They did make me purchase another item however, so I bought a pack of gum and paid .98 for gum, vitamin water, and Pam.

Ok... On to other stores!!!! PUBLIX HAS STARBUCKS ICE CREAM FREE THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!
Can you tell I'm excited about this? Publix has a GREAT sale going on this week and I won't even start to list all the deals. Just go visit Jenny at Southern SAvers and let her explain it. It's an awesome sale!!! Now if only my 15 Starbucks coupons will come in the mail!!!

Also, Bilo has some great deals also... Jenny missed a couple of coupons in her listing, so read the comments below the Bi-lo post. I added them to the list... Just look for my post. It has my name on it.

Happy shopping! And this week I really mean it!!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!


Linda said...

Thanks for all your hard work Rita! Just to let you know I went to Bloom on Tuesday because I was not sure they would extend the triple cupons. I'm not as good as you yet but I saved 50% on my bill and had bought 3 items without cupons....Yay!

Linda E

The Frog Blog said...

Great Job Linda!!! I think 50% is GREAT!!!

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