Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Great Charcoal/Pork/BBQ Sauce Deal-Makes all about 1.00 each!

If you printed one of those $6 off pork coupons a while back and have had it in your stash, this week is the PERFECT time to use it! The coupon is still printable also. Go to and click on Publix. Go to this weeks ad and go all the way to the end. It's the last deal listed. All of these printables are there with a link to them. This is a GREAT deal!!!!

Buy 1 13.5 pkg Kingsford Match Light Charcoal @ 7.99
Buy 1 16 oz KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce @ around 2.50
Buy 6.00 worth of any pork from the meat counter

Use 1 2.00 printable coupon for charcoal -2.00
STACK with the 3.00 printable Food Lion coupon for charcoal -3.00
Use the Get FREE BBQ sauce coupon -2.50
Use the 6.00 off Pork coupon -6.00

You will pay 2.99 for a 13.5 lb bag of charcoal, 6.00 worth of meat, and a bottle of BBQ Sauce..

This is a GREAT deal even if just for the pork!!!!!!! Give the other 2 away at this price!


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