Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Regular price 135.88-PAID 20.78 and Publix Notes

Hey everyone. I just left Publix and Bilo and thought I'd share some info with you. First of all, the publix in Simpsonville will only take Bi-lo, Bloom, and Ingles competitors coupons after August 15th. They are telling everyone who uses a competitors coupon this when they go through the line. I am the second person who has confirmed this today. So sorry ladies, after August 15th, no more Target or Food Lion.. :( I asked two girls if this was for every Publix or just the Simpsonville store and they said it will apply to all Publix stores. I wouldn't be really quick to assume that is true though, since every store has different "competitors" so if you go to a different store, ask which ones they will be taking and let me know and I'll compile a list for each store.

Secondly, I don't know if any of you are doing this, but if you are working towards the kraft/Publix gift card deal, the final day to make purchases is August 9th. If you don't know what this is, go here http://www.cookingwithkraft.com/pdf/fullplate-offer-form.pdf You have to purchase $50 at Publix and you must purchase 4 DIFFERENT Kraft Items (they are listed on the form I gave you the link for). What is does not say, but what I've been told from other web sites, is that if you purchase 4 DIFFERENT FLAVORS of Jello for example, you would be able to get the gift card. The gift card is for $10. I purchased today, a bunch of different flavors of Shells and Cheese (which is b1g1 through TODAY), and different flavors of Kraft Deluxe Mac and cheese (which is b1g1), a bottle of Kraft BBQ Sauce (which is B1G1) and 2 different flavors of Jello. You can do this deal 3 times and I purchased enough to do it twice today for a total of $20 in gift cards. I sent another one in last week for a GRAND total of $30 in Publix gift cards for me. If you are thinking you will NEVER spend $50 in Publix, the good news is, you can combine receipts dated from 7/13 until 8/9. I will be using 4 different receipts but all my Kraft purchases are on one receipt.
Secondly, I went to Bi-lo and paid 27.58 for my groceries and I will be getting $20 of that back in the form of cash cards or rebates... Here's how...

If you got this past Sunday's paper, there was an insert FULL of Kellogg's coupons and inside it, there was also a green page that says $80 in saving at the top. In order to do this, you must purchase 10 Kelloggs or Keebler products (MANY of which are buy 1 get one or on sale this week at Bi-lo). They have to be in the SAME transaction. You mail in your original cash register receipt and the UPC's and receive a $10 rebate check and a $70 coupon code from Dell computers.

LASTLY, Bi-lo is also doing a Kelloggs deal. If you purchase 8 Kelloggs items (the same items listed in the above deal), you will get a rebate form that will print at the register. ALL you do is fill it out and mail it in (no receipts or UPC's required) and you will get a $10 cash card. You can purchase 10 qualifying items and do BOTH rebates to get a total of $20 back!!!!
Hurry to Bilo and Publix! You don't want to miss out on these rebates! I have included a picture of everything I purchased for 20.78 after rebates... It would have been 135.88 all together with no coupons or rebates. It was pretty funny. I actually had a guy behind me ask if I would do his shopping for him from now on!!! It was pretty funny because he didn't even know about the mail in rebate I was doing!!! Happy Shopping!


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