Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FREE Starbucks Ice Cream for all you that wanted it!

For all of you who were a wee bit jealous when I told you I got Starbucks ice cream for free a few weeks ago (lol- you know who you are)-here's your chance. The Bi-lo ad is AWESOME this week. It is JAMMED with b1g1's!!!!! Starbucks ice cream is one of them. It is B1G1 and is ringing up at 1.99. If you use your 2.00 coupon from the 6/21 Sunday paper, you will make 0.01 for buying it.

And by the way, if any of you don't want your coupon, I will GLADLY take it off your hands. The Javachip Frappucino is HEAVENLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a list of some of the items I just bought and what I paid for them to give you an idea of how GREAT this sale is...

-Starbucks Frappucino 4pk- used 1.00 Q-paid 2.99
-Betty Crocker Pouch Cookie Mix- used 0.40 Q (doubled)-paid 0.86
-Ken's Salad Dressing- Used 1.00/2 Q- paid 0.99
-Kraft Mac and Cheese Crackers- used 0.75/2 Q- pd 1.63
-Luzianne DECAF tea!!! (this is always excluded from sales, but not this time-YIPEEE!)- used 0.60 Q (doubled)-paid 0.37!!!
-Ziploc 120 ct Ziploc bags (this is a free bonus size-you get 120 for price of 100)-used 0.40 Q(doubled) - paid 0.79
-Palmolive Dish Detergent (this is the HUGE size)-used 0.25 Q (doubled)-paid 1.27
-Glade Air Freshener Spray-used 0.75/2 Q-paid 0.31
-Country Crock Tub (small size)-used 0.75 Q- paid 0.25
-Eggo Waffles -used 1.00/2 Q-paid 0.79
-Southern Home Waffles (got coupon to try free off the bilo website)-paid 0
-Popsicle Brand Popsicles-used 1.00 Q- pd 0.99
-Fresh Gourmet Croutons-used 1.00 Q- paid .44
-Fresh Express Salad Mix -Used 1.00 Q (mailed to me from Bilo)- paid 1.00

Happy shopping!


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