Tuesday, August 25, 2009

another story of God's amazing Provision

When I got this from Donna just now (my "inspiration" for couponing) these words came to mind instantly.

"But my God shall supply all your needs according to HIS riches in Glory by Christ Jesus"
Phillippians 4:19

God does supply all of our needs and obviously in mine and Donna's case, He supplies them before we even know we need them!!! LOL... Thanks Donna...You are still my "inspiration".... 

Donna Writes:
That is really a praise!!! God is good. All the time.

Here is another encouraging story for you.

In Nov. '08 God laid it on my heart to start trying to save money on groceries. I asked God to help me save at least 20% on my grocery bill each week and I made this my New Year Resolution. I had no idea what 2009 had in store for my family. First, (like many other families) we were hit with a 10% pay cut at Kevin's job in Feb. That will really blow your budget. But it made me get really serious about couponing and planning for my grocery shopping trips. Then when we had the Women's Ministry meeting where we talked about being good stewards of what God had given us and using coupons and freezer meals to save money at home. It was the most exciting thing to see other women get excited about it, too. (especially Rita). It has been a real motivation for me to stay on course. Rita has been more of a blessing than she will ever know by doing so much research and being willing to share it with all of us.

Well, in May God allowed us to move into a house that we have looked at and prayed over for four years. God, and only God, truly made it happen. (That's another story in itself). The house is a good bit bigger than where our family of five had been living. What a blessing. But with that blessing God gave us new responibilities. He led us to open our home to two older teens who were in very bad home situations. One was practically homeless at age 17. Now we are a "family of seven" with three older teen boys and two girls plus a multitude of friends coming in and out. Our family and friends asked "how are you feed all them?" Well, that's the amazing miracle that God did with our budget. With the help of coupons, planning ahead and using freezer meals, I am feeding all these folks good home cooked meals most every night...AND...I am saving betweem $60 -$70 dollars or more per week. My grocery bill has actually gone down!!! I've saved as much as $130 on over $200 worth of groceries. We are eatting at home more and eatting healthy. Some nights we will have as many as 8 teens in the basement and usually I am able to offer them all food. It just goes to reinforce the fact that when God calls you to do something, all He wants from us is our willing availability and He will provide the ability. Pray for these kids as we hope to share Christ with them in a very tangible way.


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