Sunday, July 12, 2009

God was testing my patience today at Publix!

Well, I decided to go ahead and go to Publix today and get some of the great deals they have going this week. The All You contest starts tomorrow, so I'm putting myself on a very stirict "budget" so that I can participate in that (a $1000 gift card sounds GREAT to me), so I decided to go and stock up on some things before I jumped in on that. We did not have a lot of time to shop because we were trying to make it to church by 6 so I did speed shopping! Until I got the register that is... WOW!!!!! Bless her heart (and you KNOW that means something bad is coming next), Margaret at Publix seriously needs a class on the Publix coupon policy. She read EVERY WORD of EVERY SINGLE coupon before she would scan it... AND was DETERMINED she was NOT going to take my Crystal Light coupons. I bought 3 containers of Crystal light (2 regular and one skin essentials). It was BOGO and they were ringing 2.00 each. I had a coupon for 2.00 of the purchase of 2 containers. I also had a coupon for a FREE skin essentials when you purchase 1 regular crystal light (which I DID). She was DETERMINED that I had to pay regular price for one of them for me to be able to use that Free coupon. Then she kept telling me, "but I can't do this coupon because it would make the item free"........... OK.. Maybe I'm crazy here, but is that NOT THE POINT?? It was a FREE coupon!!! It was supposed to be FREE..

Anyway, moral of the story. Be patient. Not every cashier knows what he or she is doing. Me personally? I wrote down her name on my list of "not coupon Friendly cashiers" and I will NOT be going in her line again. When all was said and done, there was one coupon that she would not take. According to their policy, it should have been allowed but after all that, I just did not have time to argue with her about it. I just took it back and lost that $1 discount. I don't know why some cashiers make their jobs so much more difficult than they have to be?? If they would just scan the coupons as they get them, the computer will tell them if it's not allowed.

I'm just gonna chalk this one up to a test of my patience. I think I passed with about a B-. I did not lose my cool with her, but it sure was tempting!!!! Happy shopping!!!


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