Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day one of the All You Grocery Challenge

Well, I made it through day one with a ZERO balance! The main reason for that is that our checking account is empty, but I really didn't need anything anyway, so that's fine with me! Isn't God Good?? He ALWAYS provides everything we need even when we forget to thank Him for it! So thank you God for providing all of my needs and some of my wants!!!! OK... Yesterday went very smoothly. In case you have missed it-I am participating in the All You Grocery Challenge. The challenge is to only spend $25 per person per week (so for my family-$100 per week) on groceries. Toiletry items don't count and household items don't count-just food. Personally, I think that part is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too easy, I would curl up in a ball and cry if I spent $100 a week on just groceries!!! Anyway, the hard part is the 25% of the scoring where you have to fix healthy meals and the other 25% where you have to be creativly using the food supply you have. Another big obstacle is the not going out to eat. You are allowed to go out, but if you do, it comes off your $100 that you have for the week, so it would not be very smart. I don't have a problem with that, but Robbie eats out at work a lot. Sooooo, yesterday, we had a picnic at his job! I took in sandwiches, pasta salad, applesauce, and cookies and we ate there! I thought that was pretty creative. Last night, I made up a new recipe for dinner which turned out pretty good. I used the bogo simply potatoes that Publix has this week, added in cheese and some chopped ham and made a casserole with it! It was really good. I combined it with the 0.20 (something like that) corn that I got bogo at Bilo a few weeks back and the salad that was bogo at Publix also, and there was our healthy meal! Not to mention a pretty CHEAP meal!

This morning, Robbie went in late (as usual) so he did not leave the house until about 10:30. He usually eats lunch at 11:30 so I figured if I fixed him a big breakfast, he wouldn't need to eat for a while. So I fixed my Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (which I paid about 0.30 for), grits, and sausage (which I also bought on sale with a coupon). He said he's good until dinner tonight! Stuffed full! Tonight we are having crock pot roast (on sale at Bilo), potatoes, and maybe salad again (since Jake actually eats salad!!!)

If you are doing the grocery challenge, send me an email and tell me how you are doing! I'd love to be able to share ideas (especially on that creativity thing!!!)


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