Tuesday, July 14, 2009

VERY cool new website

I just found a GREAT new website! I signed up for Vocal Point a while back and I got a little booklet in the mail with the web address of a new web site. I had not had time to look at it until today and I just checked it out... All I can say is VERY COOL!!! Go to www.dinnertool.com It is a website that helps you plan your meals every day. After you plan them using their database of recipes, you can make up a calender of them and I think you can print it out for each week. You can put in an ingredient that you have on hand and want to use in a recipe and it will pull up all the recipes containing that ingredient! Then you click on the recipe you want to make and add it to your menu for the week. You can also make up a shopping list! This will come in VERY handy when you are trying to use up all those free items that you get when you've been couponing a while! I just looked up the word pasta (cuz I have LOTS of it) and there were many different recipes all containing pasta. It's really pretty neat! You should check it out.!


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