Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finally!! Some good deals this week!

Hey everyone! Well, it's about time! There are finally some good deals this week! I'll start with Bilo... These are just the highlights...

$$Ground Chuck 1.99 lb
$$Ragu Spagetti Sauce-.99-after using the 0.60/2 coupon, it will be 0.39 each
$$Economy Pork Chops-1.49 lb
$$Russer Deli Ham-4.99 lb-after using $1 coupon it's $3.99 lb
$$ Ritz Bits-2.50-after using the 1.00 printable coupon, it will be 1.50
$$Pasta/Rice A roni-$1-after using the 1.00/3 coupon, it will be 0.66
$$Muellers Egg Noodles-$1.50-after using the 1.00/3 printable coupon, it will be 1.16 each
$$Jello Pudding Mix $1-After using the 1.00/3 printable coupon, it will be 0.66 AND if you go to and register for MYBILO, you can find another coupon to get a Bilo brand pudding free with purchase of a Jello pudding
$$Meal DEAL!!!! Buy 2 DiGiorno Pizzas (use 1.50 coupon off flatbread pizza) and GET FREE..
Pep. Farm Garlic Bread
Pep. Farm Cake
Kraft Salad Dressing (use 1.00 off printable coupon)
6 Pk pepsi......
After all is said and done you will pay $8.58 for all of that!!! Now THAT is a true deal!
$$ Banquet Brown N Serve Sausage-$1-Use the B2G1 Free coupon out of the Publix booklet and get them for .66 each
$$ M&M candy bars-.39-Use the B1G1 coupon and get them for .19 each!!! (My PERSONAL favorite this week-I LOVE Chocolate!!!)

OK-- ON to Publix..
$$Breyers Ice Cream-$2.50-after using the .75 coupon, it's 1.75
$$Kraft 24 oz Squeezable Mayo-2.50-after using a 1.00 printable coupon and a 1.00 Target coupon, it will be 0.49
$$Hunts 14 oz Ketchup is .69-after using your 0.20 coupon, it will be .29
$$Ritz Crackers-1.89-after using your 1.00 printable coupon,they will be .89 AND if you use your Free Wheat Thins ARtisan cracker coupon, you will get those also!
$$Kraft Chunk Cheese-2.00-Use your printable 1.00/2 to get them for 1.50 each
$$Kid's Cuisine-.99-Use the "Blinkie" coupon that is attaced to the freezer case (at the Mauldin store) to get them for .49
$$GE Reveal Lightbulbs-1.44-Use the 1.50/2 coupon to get them for 0.69!!!!!!
$$Banquet Dinners-$1-Use the 2.00/5 Publix booklet coupon to get them for 0.60 each

Well, that's about it for those 2 stores! Overall, a pretty good week! Happy shopping!


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