Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another not so good couponing week...

Well, I don't know what's up with the stores lately, but this makes the second week where there have not been a lot of good coupon deals. I did go to Publix yesterday because I needed to restock my freezer with meat. I picked up a few good deals. I got Uncle Ben's rice dishes for about .50 each. Spray N Wash was a really good deal (less than $1 a bottle with coupons) however, they were out of it. I got Chef Boyardee canned pasta for .67 per can so my kids were thrilled with that!
I spent 52.90 and I saved 53.16. That total seemed ridiculously HIGH to me but I had to keep telling myself that I bought porkchops, hamburger, london broil, and a big pack of Bounty paper towels which was 8.99 ( I really wish I could find a paper towel that I liked as good as Bounty!) The way I look at it, when I save more than I've spent, it's a good shopping trip so I guess that one wasn't as bad as it seemed! I can't wait for the paper to come out tomorrow with the new sales. I hope it's a better week this week!!!


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