Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cool New Contest!!!!

Ok everyone! This is way cool!!!! All You magazine is doing a contest which I will be participating in! If you go to and click on Jenny's link to her blog titled "A Challenge to Save More" you can get the details. Basically, the idea is this, it is a challenge to spend NO more than $25 per person per week on your grocery bill. You have to figure in going out to eat, but you do NOT include toiletry items so you can still stock up on toothpaste and deodorant :)...
Here is what you win if you are selected.... a $1000 grocery card, a year supply of Knorr Sides, and a chance to appear in All You magazine.... Anyone want to join me???? This is TOO EASY!!!!! I can't tell you the last time I spent $100 a week on just groceries!!! The contest does not start until July 13 and runs for a month so you have a couple of weeks to stock up your pantry before it starts. Go check out the details and join me on this one! This should be fun!!!


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