Thursday, June 25, 2009


I just wanted to give everyone a head's up notice about Bilo. I had a "complaint" from Kim Conklin about them last week and now I have one this week. Last week, Kim went in for the Chicken Cordon Blue that was advertised Buy 1 Get TWO free. That was an excellent deal and it was even printed different in the ad as opposed to the normal way they print a buy 1 get 1 deal. They had the TWO part highlighted and everything. Anyway, she went in to get it and they said it was a misprint and would not let her have it that way. They were out of the item anyway and gave her a raincheck, but would only do the raincheck as buy 1 get 1 free. I thought that was pretty bad of them to do. She COULD have really argued that one, because if they put it in the ad that way, they need to sell it that way and obviously since they made a point to make the picture look different than all the buy 1 get 1 pics, then it was NOT a misprint!

Last night, I went to Bilo on Butler Rd and I gave the cashier 2 coupons that I had printed from the Bilo website. In case you don't know about these, every week there are different coupons on there where if you buy the National brand, you get the Bilo brand free. This week there were 2 of these where the national brand was on sale already so it wound up being a great deal. One was the Hefty foam plates. They are buy 1 get 1 free and there was a coupon for .50, which would be 1.00 off after being doubled. Anyway, you got the plates for about .40 or so in the end AND if you used the printable coupon from the Bilo site, you would get the southern home brand plates FREE for buying the 0.42 Hefty brand plates... GREAT DEAL!!! Another one was Country Crock Side dishes which were on sale for 3.99 each with a 1.00 off coupon making them 2.99 and you got the Southern Home side dish FREE. I had both of these and gave them to my cashier. Well, I'm assuming it was just an oversight or either he just did not want to be bothered with looking up the price to write on the coupon and threw them in the trash, but either way, neither coupon was taken off of my total. I have to go there today and talk to the manager and see if he will fix it for me.

Moral of the story??? If you don't pay attention to ANYTHING else while you are checking out, pay attention when they are scanning your coupons. Make sure none of them dissappear! Jenny covered this at her coupon workshop and I did not listen and was in conversation with my children while he scanned my coupons. This cost me almost $5!!!!!!!! $5 is a HUGE difference when you normally only spend about $30 total!!!

And by the way, I got yet another $3 off Downy coupon at the register. I gave my last free bottle of Downy to my mom, but if anyone wants the coupon let me know. It went on sale last week for 2.99 which after using the coupon, made it FREE! Anyone who wants the coupon is welcome to it if you use Downy!!


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