Monday, May 25, 2009

VBS coupons needed

Hello everyone! I have finalized the list for the VBS snacks we will be doing this year. I am listing the ingredients here so that if any of you find any coupons or would be willing to print any coupons from online, you will know which ones we need... I need them ASAP because I actually started shopping yesterday. If you have any, send me an email at so that I know what you have.

-Potato Chips (any brand-there was coupons for Golden Flake and Wise in the paper a few weeks ago and you can go to and get coupons for Wise snacks)
-Cookies (we have not figured out which ones we will be using, so if you see any good cookie coupons that would be great)
-Frosting ( has good frosting coupons usually)
-Graham Crackers
-Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (there is a printable coupon that you can find through the red Plum site -it's for buy 3 boxes and get one free)
-CUPS!!!! we need lots (428) of the clear plastic cups (check the isle with paper products on it and sometimes you will find those "blinkie" coupon things in the Chinet section with Chinet cut crystal coupons-those would be perfect when Chinet goes on sale again! Also we need the 5 oz Dixie cups with the Fish on them and we need some CHEAP paper 3 oz cups that we will be making pudding pops in and throwing them away)
-Hostess Sweet 16 doughnuts (there was a coupon in the paper a few weeks back-we need LOTS of that coupon)
-Tortilla Chips (any brand will do as long as they are triangle shaped)
-Chow Mein Noodles
-chocolate chips (any brand)
-trix Cereal
-Ritz crackers
-cheese whiz or easy cheese
-jello pudding mix
-popcicle sticks (214)-no, I don't think you'll find a coupon for these, but if anyone has any around their house that they don't need anymore, we will be glad to take them off your hands! I had a box in my craft closet for years until we finally put it in the yard sale a year or so ago.

I think that is about it. As I said, I've already started the shopping so if you have any coupons for any of this stuff, let me know OR if you find printable coupons anywhere, let me know that too. Thanks!


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