Sunday, May 24, 2009

new web site for coupons

Hey everyone. I just wanted to tell you all about another web site. I can't believe I forgot about this one! It's a good one and the coupons are pretty much always 1.00. It's Most of them will require you to answer a couple of questions or put in your email address, but that doesn't matter to me cuz that means I will get more coupons!!!

I went to Publix tonight to pick up a couple of things that I found more coupons for. The penny item this week is spagetti sauce!!!! That's a good one! God knew we needed spaghetti sauce this week! Anyway, as I was coming in the door I noticed a new flyer that I had not seen before. It's called Sumer Savings and it has over $19 in Publix coupons! Remember, these coupons can be stacked with a manufacturers coupon (from the paper or printed online) so that could mean some free items! They only had a few of them left, so I grabbed two!

I LOVE Publix!!!! Have I mentioned that before??? I just walked out with two bags full of stuff and paid $3 for all of it!!! Any place I can do that is a great place to shop!

****New info found out on May 25-the coupons in the Summer Savings booklet are manufacturers coupons and can NOT be used with other manufacturers coupons, but they can be used at other stores-not just Publix.. See blog from 5/25 titled "Publix Coupon Info" for more info.


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