Monday, May 25, 2009

Publix coupon info

Hey everyone. I just found the answer to my question that I have been searching high and low for.. How do you know which of the Publix coupons are store coupons and which are manufacturers coupons?? Here is the anwer... If you look on the coupons (the ones in the advantage buy booklet, summer savings booklet, etc.) if they have NO barcode and have a L.U.# ____ somewhere on them, then those are store coupons. Those are the ones that can be used with a manufacturers coupon for extra savings. If they have a barcode on them and they do not have the L.U. #__ on them, then they are manufacturers coupons and you can not pair them with another manufacturers coupon. Soooooo, the new booklet that I found last night (Summer savings) can NOT be paired with a manf. coupon. However, since they are manf. coupons, that means you do not have to use them just at Publix. You can use them anywhere that takes coupons! I'm so glad I understand that now!!! So far, I've not had any problems at Simpsonville or Mauldin using the store coupons with manf. coupons so hopefully that will remain the same, but remember, it's always up to the manager's discretion, so one day that may change.


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