Friday, May 22, 2009

Great new web sites- New favorites!

Hey everyone.. I wanted to let you all know that there will NOT be any coupons in this weeks paper... :( I hate it when they do that, but I still like to get my paper for the sales circulars-you can call and put a vacation hold on your paper if you prefer to not get it this week. It will extend your subscription by one week.

I just wanted to give you some new websites that I have found in the past week or two. Some of these are REALLY good - has all the Publix deals and links to printable coupons (competitors) -Thanks to Michele for this one-this lady has made it her business to find dinners that she can cook for her family of 4 that cost $5 or less TOTAL! She has recipes on there and tips for everything. -this one is a database of printable coupons-some are store coupons (Target, etc) that you can use at Publix and some are just different websites. -this one is a link to a new competitors coupon that you can use at Publix-I'm not sure if the Simpsonville store would consider Whole Foods a competitor, but I'm sure the one on Woodruff Rd would. The coupon is for $5 off any $25 purchase of meat and produce. If you are planning a cookout, this would be a GREAT coupon to use! - this is the $6 off pork coupon-go to this website, click on grilling guide-click on select grocery store (just pick one-doesn't matter which)-click on Save $6 at the bottom- then print your coupon! Take this anywhere-it's not store specific-I used mine at Publix and I bought Kc Masterpiece BBQ sauce as my "participating item" but then I used a coupon that gave me the sauce for free after buying the charcoal. There was also a peel-off coupon on the Kingsford Match Light 13.5 lb charcoal that I used so that my charcoal was around $9.

If you have found any great coupon/money saving websites, feel free to email them to me and I'll post them for you, or you can post them yourself.


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