Thursday, May 14, 2009

great price for dinner

Hey guys. Just wanted to share my great price on dinner the other night. We are moving this week, so my time, space and utensils are very limited. I was very excited to find the $50 worth of coupons on the Kraft website. (And they will let you print a coupon more than once.) So I bought two boxes of Velvetta Shells and cheese, ($1.99 ea. with a $1.00 off coupon = $2.00)
added a lb of hambuger (from the freezer, that I bought for $1.99 per lb.) add some salsa then made side salads. (A bag of salad on sale for 1.69) Voila!... supper for 5 (that everyone in my family would eat...rare but true.) at the cost of $5.68!!!! The night before I thought I was being smart going to Arby's and getting the 5 for 6.99 bag of arby melts. I left there spending $14.59. So much for the budget that day, but I made up for it Tues.
Thanks Rita!!! You are doing a great job!


The Frog Blog said...

Great job Donna! Never before have I actually thought about how much I've spent on dinner before but the other night, Robbie and I figured it up while we were eating and all 4 of us ate for less than $2!!!! Now THAT is cheap eats!!! Tonight or tomorrow night, I will be feeding 6 people chicken alfredo, salad, breadsticks, and dessert for about 1.83 a person!!! Can't do that at Milanos!!!!

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