Friday, May 15, 2009

Great Lunch idea for around 0.50!! Feeds 2-3 people

As I type this, I am eating my "brunch" and I wanted to tell you about it! I just got 3 bags of Wacky Mac at Bloom for free. (It's the spiral noodles in 3 colors in case you don't know) Well, the last triple coupon day at Bloom, I bought some of the Knorr Vegetable soup mix and had no idea what exactly I was going to do with it.. So, I got to thinking about it and decided to make a pasta salad out of it all. I cooked and drained my noodles, Mixed a THIRD of a packet of soup mix with a little mayo and salt and pepper and then mixed it all together. It made a WONDERFUL pasta salad that even my hubby liked (he hates pasta salad)!!! The noodles were free (triple coupons at Bloom), there is about 0.46 worth of soup mix(triple coupons at Bloom), about a 1/4 cup mayo (which I got on sale for 1.14 for 32 oz) and a little salt and pepper which also got free at bloom! Now that is a CHEAP meal!!!!

The other day, I also bought a box of Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad for .29 with a coupon doubled at Bilo. Then I cooked some wacky mac and added the noodles in with the ones that came in the box. Added in a tiny bit of extra mayo and the enclosed spice pack and I made one .29 box of suddenly salad into enough to feed me, Robbie, and Alyssa and we had a little left over!!!


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