Friday, May 15, 2009


Hey everyone! Well, I just got back from my second triple coupon adventure. I thought something was weird last time but did not take time to actually figure out what it was, so this time I watched as he scanned my coupons... If you have a coupon that will cause you to get money back, you will NOT get money back or that amount off your order. It will ONLY make the item FREE(which is still good). My first order would have given me around a $12.00 refund, so I bought 12.78 worth of stuff that was on sale but I did not have coupons for. My total for that transaction wound up being 12.72 so I paid for all that stuff and everything else in my cart was free. All together, I paid 20.24 for 49 items. I only paid $7.46 for the 43 items that I had coupons for and the other 6 items were 12.72. Not bad!! OK... I'm hooked... And to the lady I met at Bloom, if you are on here sometime, I did not get your name, but my email is if you would like to contact me about getting rid of all your extra coupons. It was Great talking to you! :)


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