Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bloom Freebies(and almosts)-starting tomorrow

Ok... I don't want this to take forever, so I'm doing it the easy, easy way... All I am giving you is the final price of items after using coupons that have been readily available in the past couple of months. I'm only listing the Freebies (or many of them will give you money back), or the REALLY cheap items.. If there are multiple sizes of something, this will be your price for the smallest size..

$$McCormick Pepper - Free with money back
$$McCormick Garlic Salt -Free with money back
$$ McCormick Onion Salt - 0.08
$$No Yolks Noodles- Free with money back
$$Mahatma White long grain rice- .50
$$ Mahatma Rice Mixes- Free with money back
$$Wacky Mac Noodles- Free with money back
$$Minute Rice- 1.00
$$Domino Bagged brown Sugar or 10X powdered sugar- free with money back
$$Betty Crocker Frosting- free with money back
$$Lipton Recipe Secrets Soup mix-free with money back
$$ French's Spicy brown or Honey Mustard - Free with money back on both
$$Kraft BBQ Sauce- YOU WILL MAKE 1.26 if you buy this!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG MONEY MAKER!!
$$French's mustard-free with money back
$$ ortega Taco Seasoning mix-Free with money back
$$Margaret Holmes canned veggies- 0.14
$$ Dole Fruit Bowls or Fruit Parfaits- .54
$$ Dole Fruit Bowls in Gel- .54
$$ Claussen Pickles- .75
$$ I Can't Believe its not butter baking sticks- .64
$$ Heluva Good Dip- 0.39
$$Dannimals Crush Cup or 6 pk drinkables- .35
$$Betty Crocker warm delights- free with money back
$$ Duncan Hines Frozen Brownies- 0.75
$$ Glade Carpet and Room odor eliminator- .24
$$Skintimate Shave Gel- Free with money back

Whew!!! OK... That is by all means not all of the deals, but it is a good many of them. My invitation stands. i will be at Bloom at 6 am. If you would like to join me, just call me and let me know. I'll share my coupons!! :)


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