Thursday, January 28, 2010

Future opportunities-your input needed!

I have no idea how many people actually follow this blog, but I wanted all of you to know that in a few weeks hopefully, I will be launching a new web site. I will be leaving the frog behind (don't worry, I'll turn the stove off before I leave) and will be moving on to better things. My hearts desire is to use the talents that God has given me to help others and my new web site will be all about that. I will still be posting blog updates when I see good deals so none of that will change, but I will also be adding a few very exciting things as well. I don't want to give it all away but I will say that God has prompted me to take my teaching skills (if I have any) to the next level and offer coupon workshops to church groups and other organizations and to make my coupon book available for purchase so that others can learn how to do it for their families.. It's been like a puzzle for me the last few weeks and I've slowly watched all of the pieces fall into place.

 I would love some input from all of you as to what kinds of things you would like to see on the website so if there is anything that you would like to see me add, please leave me a comment!!! I really want this web site to be helpful and informative and the only way I can make it that is from your honest input. I'll still be leaving post on the Frog Blog for now and I'll let you all know when I get the other website up and running and would REALLY appreciate your help in promoting it. Thanks everyone and don't forget to leave me some comments!!


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