Monday, November 23, 2009

Target added to southern savers!!!!! Yipppeee!!!

I am very excited to say that Jenny over at has now added Target to her stores covered line-up! I am very excited about this since Target has always been one of my very favorite places to coupon shop! Target has WONDERFUL clearance deals and at least once a month I like to walk through with my coupon binder and just shop the clearance endcaps. I know of many people who use those clearance deals to stock up on birthday presents. That is a super great idea!!! Buy the presents BEFORE the event so that you can get the best deals on them.

Jenny is posting the deals from Target that are advertised in their sales paper and some of them are awesome! My personal favorite this week is the Del Monte canned veggies paired with the $1/8 coupon which makes them .36 per can. This time of year, ALL of the local food banks are really needing donations and if you don't need the canned veggies, or don't like them, buy them and donate them to a local food bank. At 0.36 per can, almost anyone can afford to donate a few cans!


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