Saturday, November 7, 2009

Old Navy

Don't know how many of you are Old Navy fans, but my hubby has a new found facination with Old Navy so I've been trying to find coupons and deals to use. I thought I'd let you all in on some of the ones I've found.

First of all, there is the AWESOME sale that is going on this week that you do NOT want to miss!!! ALL of their outerwear (coats) are 50% off! That is an awesome deal even without a coupon!

Next, I figure most of you already know about this, but if you don't, there is a great place to get Old Navy coupons... Go to This will take you to a site with all of the Old Navy manequins on it. It's like playing a game-you do certain things on the web site and it gives you coupons. I found out about this at quite a while back but at the time it did not interest me much so I never did anything with it. Sometimes there are GREAT coupons on there. At one time, there was a $75 off a $100 purchase which is VERY cool!!! Right now, there is a $65 off a $100 purchase that is currently all gone, BUT they reload the site from time to time so you might be able to catch it on it's next go around. I was on there this morning and the following coupons are still available...

-10% off any in-store purchase
-15% off any in-store purchase
-20% off any in-store purchase
-$15 off a $75 purchase

Here is a list I copied from deal seeking mom that tells you where all of the coupons are located. It would be great practice just to do it and see what you can find....

Where are the coupons?

$65 off $100 Purchase — (GONE) Click on the box that says “Eva” and wait about five seconds. The coupon box will pop up.

$45 off $100 Purchase — (GONE) Click the yellow fleece in the bottom frame. Exit out of the 15% off coupon, and click the blue fleece next to it. Click on one of the hearts that pops out.

$15 off $75 Purchase — Drag the gloves in girl’s hand to the small blue fleece in the bottom frame.

25% off Purchase — (GONE) Leaves will fall in the top right frame after a couple of minutes. Be quick and click on one.

20% off Purchase — Move all 5 exclamation points next to the words “Must-Have” in the phrase “Michelle’s Winter Must-Have”. Don’t miss the teeny tiny little one next to the word “Vote”.

15% off Purchase — Click the yellow fleece in the bottom frame.

10% off Purchase — Click on Michelle’s white scarf


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