Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miss Bloom triples????? I have an idea!

If you are like me and are REALLY disappointed that Bloom has ended (at least temporarily) their triple coupon promotion, then I have an idea for you... If you go on the Bloom web site and click on the last tab, titled "all about bloom" a drop down menu will come up and you can do "contact us" and TELL THEM ABOUT IT!!! I just did it and it took me about 3 minutes start to finish. If enough of us band together and ask Bloom to bring back triple coupons, then who knows-they might just have to listen to us. I know I for one don't ever walk in the door at Bloom unless they are doing triples, and even if they don't make as much money on my purchases as someone who pays full price, they STILL make a profit so they should not want to lose customers-even couponing customers!! Let your voice be heard!!! We want our triple coupons back!!!


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