Monday, October 26, 2009

Still need Candy??? Here are the deals for this week.

Well, this week the deals are not near as good as they were last week, but if you still have not bought your candy for Saturday night, there are still a few deals around... The deals that I posted last week for Bilo and Publix are still good through tuesday night, so don't forget those! The Wonka candy bags at Publix is a GREAT deal for a gigantic bag of candy so don't miss that one! OK... First I'm going to list all of the coupons that are available and assign them all a number. Then I'll list the deals at each store and tell you which coupon to use. I think that might save me some time relisting the coupons over and over...

#1   $1/2 M&M/Mars Fun Size RP 10/11 or 9/27
#2   B3G1 Free Hershey's Snack Size SS 10/18
#3   $1/2 Nestle Fun Size RP 10/18
#4   $1/1 Nestle 11.5oz or up printable here
#5*  $2/1 Nestle 24oz or up printable here
#6*  $2/1 Wonka brand 24oz or up printable here
***It appears that they have reloaded the $2 candy coupons on, so if you have already printed it, you might want to try it again. I was able to print 2 more of each one this morning.
#7   $1/2 12.6 oz M&M's Halloween Candy Milk Chocolate or Peanut printable here (Target coupon)

Hersheys, M&M/Mars, or Nestle Fun Size 9.34-12.5 oz $1.88
**You must buy 4 to get this price and there is a limit 4 on this item
-Use #1 (makes it 1.38 if you buy 4)
-Use #2  (makes it 1.41 if you buy 4)
-Use #3 (makes it 1.38 if you buy 4)
-Use #4 (makes it 0.88 IF this coupon will work-I'm not sure of the size of the Nestle bags-it may not work)

Treat size candy $2.49 (those listed are KitKat, Butterfinger, Skittles, Snickers, Reese's, Starburst, and selected others)
-Use #1 (makes it 1.99 each if you buy 2)
-Use #2 (makes it 1.86 if you buy 4)
-Use #3 (makes it 1.99 if you buy 2)
-Use #4 (makes it 1.49)

M&Ms 12.6 oz $2.50 (These are NOT individually wrapped, but if you love M&Ms  :)!!!)
-Use #7 (makes them 2.00 each if you buy 2)

Rite Aid
Hershey's M&M/Mars, Nestle Fun Size or Snack Size $2.44
-Use #1 (makes it 1.94 each if you buy 2)
-Use #2 (makes it 1.83 each if you buy 4)
-Use #3 (makes it 1.94 each if you buy 2)
-Use #4 (makes it 1.44 each)

Minis, Fun or Snack Size Candy 13.5 to 28 oz Buy 1 at 5.99 get 1 50% off
**If the Nestle bags are larger than 24 oz, you can buy 2 of these and use 2 #5 coupons and pay 2.49 per bag**

**Please note, they are NOT giving extra bucks for purchasing candy this week-BEWARE!**
Hershey's, M&M/Mars, Nestle Snack Size or Fun Size 2/$4 ***ONLY GOOD THRU TUESDAY***
-use #1 (makes it 1.50 if you buy 2)
-use #2 (makes it 1.50 if you buy 4 )
-use #3 (makes it 1.50 if you buy 2)
-use #4 (makes it 1.00 if you buy 2)

Overall, it appears that K-Mart has the best deal this week, but remember, you can only buy 4 bags at that price. Next best would be CVS. If you have any extra bucks left over from your last week deals, CVS would be the place to go! Enjoy!


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