Thursday, October 29, 2009

Printable coupons

I just wanted to let you all know that there are currently some GREAT printable coupons on the following sites... I have not printed any in a long time and this morning I printed a LOT of coupons. There are some for whole TURKEYS!!! How cool is that!!! There are also quite a few that would be great using them with triple coupons at Bloom. (if you have a hard time with, try this site-it usually works for me and has mostly the same coupons-only downfall is that they print ads on almost every page you print, so you will waste LOTS of ink on this site.)
bricks coupon list

Remember, the manf. only allows them to distribute so many of each coupon in any given month, so if it's a really great coupon, don't wait until you need it for a sale. Print it NOW while it is still available. You may print each coupon twice with no problems using the back button on your browser or by going back to the site again.  I have found that on and I have occasionally been able to print it more than two times. Also, they have recently been reloading certain coupons each week, meaning that you might be able to go back and print it two more times later in the month, so keep checking back to see what you can print.


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