Thursday, October 1, 2009

coupon inserts for 10/4

Just wanted to let you all know that there are 3 inserts scheduled for this weekend so don't leave that store until you see 3 flyers in your paper  :)

Also, wanted to remind you that today is the first day of the new month and all the online coupon sites are reloading their coupons. Don't forget to print them NOW if you think you will use them because if you wait, they may no longer be available to print and that would be a sad, sad thing!!! Chances are, most of what you print will go on sale sometime during the course of the next month so they won't go to waste.

Also, if any of you have bagged candy coupons that you won't be using, PLEASE give them to me!!! I am trying to collect candy for trunk n treat at Westside Church on Oct 31, and any bagged candy coupons would be really helpful. Thanks!


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