Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MUCH Easier and Faster Way to cut out your coupons!!!

This is for anyone who owns a 12 inch (or larger) paper trimmer. The one I have is one where you pull down the handle to cut paper. If you own one of those, keep reading!!! If you don't- watch for a sale and buy one!

I have been experimenting with my paper trimmer the last few weeks to see if it was faster to use than scissors because all of us know how time consuming it can be to cut out multiple copies of coupon inserts. I usually have to cut 4 papers and it seems to take FOREVER! Well, I started noticing that when I ordered coupons from ebay in sets of 20, they all seemed to be cut with a paper trimmer because they were the same size/shape exactly. So, today I tried it.. The process is simple...I had 4 Smart Source Inserts. I laid out all of my inserts and then took them apart page by page. I put all the "alike" pages together in a stack. Then I took all 4 pages at the same time, and used my paper trimmer to cut them. Voila!!! I had all 4 of my Smart Source inserts cut out in less than 10 minutes! I was amazed at how much faster it went! Cool thing was that it only took 10 minutes to do all 4 inserts when it usually takes at LEAST 10 minutes to cut out each insert. I just saved myself 30 minutes!

Thought I'd pass on the information. I hope you find it useful.


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