Saturday, August 1, 2009

CVS Deal of the week-for me

Hey! I just decided to go in CVS and take advantage of the fact that they activate their ad at 6 pm on Sat evening, plus I had found a pretty good deal that I had missed earlier in the week (Nexxus Shampoo) and wanted to get it also. Since a lot of you like step-by-step instructions on how to operate CVS, I'm giving you a breakdown of my receipts. I started out with the following when I went in:

A 1.98 extra buck
another 1.98 extra buck
a 3.00 extra buck for a total of 6.96 to start with.

First transaction...
Nexxus Dualiste Shampoo (regular retail 11.99) pd 11.99
Used a 3.00 manufacturer coupon,
1.98 extra buck, 1.98 extra buck, and 3.00 extra buck

Amount paid out of pocket was 2.57 AND I got 5.00 in Extra Bucks for buying the shampoo

Second 'Transaction
Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste 3.50
Blink Tears Eye Drops 7.99
Used a 1.00 manf. coupon, and a 1.50 manf. coupon
Used 5.00 in extra bucks

Amount paid out of pocket was 4.62 AND I got a 7.99 Extra Buck and a 2.00 Extra Buck

I was done there, until I noticed on my receipt that I had gotten a 3.00 coupon off any salon hair care product. Considering I had another manufacturer coupon for 3.00 off Nexxus, I decided to go for it.... Soooooo....

Third Transaction
Nexxus Dualiste Conditioner 14.99
Used my 3.00 manf. coupon
Used my 3.00 Store coupon
Use 7.99 in Extra Bucks

Amount paid out of pocket 1.72.

All totaled for these transactions, I paid 8.91. Now if you don't see the value in buying Salon Hair care, then this won't seem like a deal to you, but if you do see the value... The Nexxus Shampoo and conditioner would have been 26.98 by itself if I had of just went in and bought it!!! I got the shampoo, conditioner, more toothpaste, and eye drops for just about a third of what just the shampoo and conditioner would have cost. Call me crazy. I like the salon stuff.

Tomorrow I will go in and get my Sun, Mon, Tue specials cuz remember, you can't get those early. By the way, the Blink eye drops is a GREAT deal this week! You pay 7.99 for it and you get 7.99 back for it. If you use ANY coupon with it then whatever your coupon amount is gives you that amount of profit. There is a 3.00 coupon floating around somewhere out there, but unfortunatly I did not have that and had to settle for 1.50 profit. Oh well. You still gotta love it when you get PAID for shopping!

Happy shopping!


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