Thursday, July 16, 2009

FREE Bic Mechanical Pencils at Publix

This is for all you mommies who are buying school supplies. Alyssa's school said no mechanical pencils, but that does not mean she can't use them at home for homework!!!!

Go here....

Don't forget that if you do this in internet explorer, you can hit the back button 3 times (I think-click slowly until you get to the screen that shows the picture of the printer again-STOP THERE!!) and then wait and your printer will print it again. You have to be using internet explorer for this trick to work. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, it is a little different (I think you only click once or twice). It will ONLY print two times-after that you will get an error message. This is perfectly legit by the way. It gives both coupons two different codes, so it's not like copying or anything.

Anyway, after you print your coupons, head to Publix. Bic Mechanical Pencils (10 pack I think) are on sale for $1. After Publix doubles this coupon, it will be FREE!!!! Can't beat FREE!!!

Also if you picked up some of those $2 off coupons with purchase of Chips Ahoy and Capri Suns (from Publix), now is the time to use them!!! Capri Suns are still on sale for 1.89 and Chips ahoy are B1G1 and ringing up at 1.90 each. If you buy 1 Capri Sun, 1 Chips Ahoy and use the coupon, you will pay a Total of $1.79 for both items!!! These coupons were on a tear pad in front of the Chips Ahoy cookies as of about 2 weeks ago. If anyone finds them anywhere let me know cuz I only picked up 4 and I'd love to get some more of that coupon!


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