Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Deals for this week

Hey everyone! Well, it's been a pretty slow morning for me, so I took the opportunity to go through my sales papers looking for deals. This is what I found....

$$No triples this week, however, on the southern savers web site, it says they will be tripled next week so that gives us another week to collect those 0.75 coupons!!!

$$Purdue Perfect Portions Chicken is on sale for 4.49 a package and there is a .075 coupon which will make it 3.74 a package. I have not tried this, but chicken that is easy to cook is always a winner!!!

$$Ball Park Franks are 1 59 per package and after your 1.00/2 coupon, that will make them 1.09 each.

$$Rib Eye Steaks are 5.96/lb-between Bilo, Publix, and Bloom, this is the best price
$$DiGiorno Pizzas are 5.00 each and there is a 1.00 printable coupon available. The Crispy Flat bread italian sausage and onion one is WONDERFUL!!! Everyone I know who has tried it has loved it!
$$Boneless Pork Loin Chops are 2.99/lb-I printed another 6.00 off pork coupon from the Kingsford Charcoal website-When you buy a 13.5 lb of Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal (on sale for 7. 99 at Publix) and a KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce (which you can get for free if you use the coupon to get it free with purchase of charcoal) you can get 6.00 off the purchase of any pork product! I'm so glad we have a charcoal grill!!! It's like paying 7.99 for 13.5 lbs of charcoal, 1 bottle of BBQ sauce and 2lbs of pork!!! Not a bad deal!
$$Hebrew National Franks are 2.50 and there is a .75 coupon which brings them to 1.75. I don't personally like these a whole lot, but if you do, then that's pretty good for these I think.
$$Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon is 3.00 and there is a 1.00/2 coupon which makes it 2.50 if you buy 2 of them
$$Lucky Charms Cereal is 1.99 and there is a printable 0.50 coupon which will make it .99 after the coupon is doubled
$$Reeses Puffs (my favorite cereal) is 1.99 and there is a .55 printable coupon which makes is 1.44 each
$$Old El Paso Dinner Kits are on sale for 1.39 each and there was a coupon this past Sunday for 1.00 off a purchase of ground beef with the purchase of a dinner kit! Cheap dinner idea!
$$Honey Maid Graham Crackers are 2.00 and there is a printable 1.00 coupon which brings them to 1.00
$$Bic Disposable razors are 2.74 and there is a 2.00 coupon which makes them .74 each!

$$Boneless Skinless Chicken in a bag (I use this ALL the time!) is on sale for 5.49 for a 2.5 lb bag. It doesn't have to be thawed which make for a QUICK and EASY dinner!! I always stock up at this price!
$$Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, and Apple Jacks are on sale for 1.52 each and there is a 1.00 coupon which makes them........ 0.52 EACH!!!!!!!!!!! I need more coupons!!!!
$$Wise Potato Chips are 2.00 and there is a printable coupon for .50 which will make them 1.00 each after doubling. I reccommend the onion and garlic flavor-YUM!!!
$$Kraft Natural Shredded or Chunk Cheese-there are MANY different coupons out there for this-mostly printables-it's on sale for 2.00 for the 6-8 oz and depending which coupon you use, it will be 1.00-1.50 per package-Also if you buy multiples of these, you will get instant coupons that will print with your receipt. check out under the Bilo link to see this deal! It makes for some CHEAP Cheese!
$$McKenzies Corn(the frozen corn in the tubes) is .91 each and there are printable coupons which will make it .41 each!!! The old fashioned fried corn with pepper is really good!
$$Bagelfuls are 2.50 and there is a coupon in a "blinkie" at Publix for .55 which will bring it to 1.40 each after doubling
$$Kraft 16 slice cheese is 1.50 and there is a 1.00/2 coupon which will bring it to 1.00 if you buy 2
$$Kens Salad Dressing is 1.25 and there is a 1.00/2 coupon which will make it .75 if you buy 2. I'm so glad. I have been eating a LOT of salad lately and was running out of buttermilk ranch!
$$Mt Olive Hamburger Dill Chips are .79 each and there is a .50 coupon (which will NOT double) It will bring it to .29 each
$$Chef Boyardee cans are 1.00 each and there is a .35/3 coupon which will bring it to .76 if you buy 3
$$Downy-I personally don't use Downy so the first person who emails me and tells me they want it can have mine... I got a $3 coupon which printed on my receipt the other day. It's on sale for 2.99 so I will make 0.01 for buying it... First person who emails me, gets it!!!

That's about it for me this week! Overall a pretty decent week in the shopping world! If anyone sees coupons for Country time lemonade mix that they don't want, please give them to me (I've met my limit on the printable ones). My daughter and Dawn C are going to run a lemonade stand this summer and I am stocking up on it when it goes buy 1 get one free. Also, if you don't eat Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, or Apple Jacks-we do and I'd LOVE some more of those coupons!!

By the way, thanks to everyone who gave me coupons for VBS! We saved a TON of money this year on the snacks! I was amazed how how cheaply we did snacks this year!!! Thanks to all of you!!!


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