Thursday, June 11, 2009

CVS shopping

I had a GREAT day of shopping yesterday! CVS has some great deals with Extra Bucks this week. All together, I managed to buy about $83 worth of stuff (sale prices-not regular) and I left the store paying $12.83 and had a $4 Extra buck in my hand! This is what I bought for my $12.83....

$$ Dove 6pk soaps (I bought 3 of these)
$$Dawn Dish Detergent (2 of these)
$$Crest Prohealth Mouthwash-1 liter size
$$Gillette Fusion Phantom Razor (regular price at Walmart is over $11)
$$CVS 3oz lotion (Free with a coupon that printed out)
$$Head and Shoulders Shampoo (2 of these)
$$Revlon Colorstay Makeup (2 of these-regular price at Walmart is 10.19 each)
$$Swiffer Duster Refill (10pk)
$$Febreze Air Effects Air Freshner

I thought it might help some of you if you saw exactly what I did to be able to do this... Here is the transactions in the order I did them.. Since you know what it is from the list above, I'll just use shortened names...

Transaction #1
Dawn #1 ($1)
Dawn #2 ($1)
Crest Mouthwash ($3.99)
Gillette Razor ($7.99
CVS lotion ($1.49)

Then I used..
1 $0.25 coupon for Dawn
1 $0.50 coupon for Dawn
1 $1.00 coupon for Crest
1 $1.49 coupon for lotion (this coupon had printed on a previous receipt)
1 $4 coupon for Gillette
$7 in Extra Bucks...

I paid 1.65 for that transaction and I went into the next one with a $1 Extra Buck, another $1 extra buck, a $4 extra buck and a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase

Transaction #2...
Dove #1 ($7)
Dove #2 ($7)
Dove #3 ($7)
Swiffer Duster ($7)
Air Effects ($3)

Then I used...
my $10 off a $30 purchase coupon
1 $.50 coupon for Febreze
1 $1 coupon for Swiffer
3 $1.25 coupons for Dove
$1 Extra Buck
$1 Extra Buck
$4 Extra Bucks

I paid $10.65 for that transaction and walked away with $10 in extra Bucks, $5 in Extra Bucks, and a $4 off a $20 purchase coupon

Transaction # 3
Head and Shoulders #1 ($4.99)
Head and Shoulders #2 ($4.99)
Revlon Makeup #1 ($13.29)
Revlon Makeup #2 ($FREE with B1G1 Sale$)

Then I used...
1 $4 off a $20 purchase coupon
1 $2 coupon for Head and Shoulders
2 $1 coupons for Revlon
$10 in Extra Bucks
$5 in Extra Bucks

I paid $0.53 and walked away from the store with $4 in extra bucks ready to do it again next week!

Hope that helps some of you who have not figured out how to do this yet. What you want to do is ALWAYS walk away from the store with an extra buck in your hand. Think of them as Cash! For example, if I have only $4 to spend, what can I buy that will cost me $4 and will produce more extra bucks?? You use your $4 in extra bucks to pay for transaction #1 For transaction #2, you figure out what you can buy that cost the amount of extra bucks that you got from transaction #1... You keep "rolling" them until you are done. It's not hard, it just takes some thought ahead of time!! Have a wonderful day!


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