Monday, May 18, 2009

TODAY ONLY!!! G'ville News 0.75!

Hey everyone. Thanks Marti for this tip!!! If you are interested in getting the Sunday edition of the Greenville News for 0.75 a week, then take notice! Marti said it is for Today only so make a note of that....

"Oh by the way. There was a flyer in the Sun. paper offering a year subscription to the Sun. paper for $39. That makes it 75 cents a week. I just subscribed. The sale is for today only and you can do it by phone or online. or 7-800-736-7136"

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Anonymous said...

What a farce, IN TODAYS Greenville Nerws(Sunday SEPT. 28 2009 THERE IS AN ADD FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS FOR THE SUNDAY GREENVILLE NEWS for $1.00/ week. This iS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO obtain. Calling at 4:00 pm today on a one day only sale they say "call back tomorrow". The sale is over then. So, I go to my computer to sign up for a year at the price quoted only to get this blog which is a better offer for $.75, but I can't find out how to order a subscription.
Can you help TODAY

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