Saturday, May 16, 2009

my Walmart Rant... bear with me :)

OK.. here I go again. Robbie and I went to Kmart this evening just so Jake could show his daddy the "Handy Nanny" tools that he had seen earlier in the week. After we found them, and Jake was contentedly playing in the cart, we decided to walk around the store and look. First we looked in the toy section and found a couple of things there that were cheaper than Walmart.. Then we moved on to the back of the store and found a few more things that were cheaper than Walmart.. Then we went up front and found even more things that were cheaper than walmart. Where on EARTH does this notion that Walmart is cheaper come from?? Even if you only use your coupons that won't double at Walmart, you are STILL paying more than you would if you just waited for the item to go on sale at another store. I know some of you still can't comprehend that Walmart is not the best deal, but I'm here to tell you, if you shop there, you WILL get burned. I won't say that there aren't a FEW things there that will be a penny or two cheaper, but to me, it's not worth the hassle because usually if I go there to buy those VERY few things, I'll wind up buying something else that I did not even go there for and in the process, I've just lost those three pennies I was trying to save. I had some GREAT conversations with some people in Bloom on Friday morning and the Walmart subject kept coming up. One lady told me that someone had given her a Walmart gift card for Christmas. She was so funny. She said "I don't know WHAT they were thinking!!" She said she went anyway, because it would be FREE, and she searched and searched trying to find good deals and the only thing she walked away with was some mac and cheese dinners that were on clearance!!! She told me that she did not understand why people loved that place so much when they could save SOO much more money elsewhere! I'm with her 100%. I refuse to be another Walmart Victim and I will NOT pay their ridiculous prices anymore! It makes me mad just thinking about it. They have people so fooled!
I still say this is the three keys to saving money.... #1 DON'T SHOP AT WALMART, #2 Don't EVER pay regular price for ANYTHING, #3 Use those coupons and sales circulars together

OK... I'm done ranting!!! Have a great evening! :)


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