Sunday, May 3, 2009

LOTS of FREE deals this week!!

Hey everyone. Jake was sick this morning, so I did not get to go to church, so you know what I did! I looked for deals VERY closely and I found a LOT of them. This is a great week for shopping with coupons! Actually this may very well be the best week I've had so far...

Ok.. I'll start with CVS, but it's actually not the goldmine of the week this time-Walgreens is!!
Anyway, the CVS deals are as follows...

$$Whitmans Samplers are 4.99.. There is a 1.00 off coupon in the paper this week which makes them 3.99 and a GREAT deal for Mother's Day gifts.
$$ Russell Stover Chocolates are B1G1 at 8.99 and there is a 1.00 off coupon in the paper this week which will make them 2/6.99 if you are able to use 2 coupons(some stores do and some don't. Remember, you HAVE to buy 2 to get the B1G1's at CVS
$$Dawn Dish Detergent 10.3oz is .99-there is a .50 coupon in the "Simply Inspired" book that I told you about yesterday, which would bring it down to .49
$$Scope 1 Liter Mouthwash is 3.99 and there is a 1.00 coupon (in the paper either this week or a previous week) that will make it 2.99
$$Adidas Anti-Perspirant is 3.99 this week with 3.99 in Extra Buck Rewards. There is also a 1.00 coupon from the paper a few weeks back. If you buy it for 3.99 and use your 1.00 coupon, you will get it for 2.99 and you will get 3.00 in Extra Bucks, so you will make 0.01 profit!!
$$Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste is 2.99 with a 2.00 Extra Bucks Reward. There was a coupon last week in the paper for 1.00. Buy it for 2.99, use a 1.00 coupon and make it 1.99. After your Extra Bucks back you will make 0.01 profit!

Remember at CVS, the trick is to PLAN your check-out!!! Figure out which items will give you Extra Bucks back and buy them first. Then use your Extra Bucks in a second transaction to get your second transaction free (while getting more extra bucks at the end) . You can also split it up into three transactions and pay even less. If you have a $__ off a $__ purchase CVS coupon, use it FIRST-then your manufacturer coupons and finally, your extra bucks.

OK... On to Rite Aid...
Rite Aid does something called a single check rebate. How this works is, you go in a buy the product. Then you go online to and you enter your receipt information into their system to generate your rebates. DON'T HIT "MAIL MY CHECK" until the end of the month because you only get one rebate check per month, so you want the entire month worth of rebates to be on it. Wait till the end of May and then ask them to mail your check. It says you'll get it in about 3 weeks. You can cash it at your bank or you can use it at Rite Aid, for more merchandise..

$$Hershey Bliss Candy.. On sale for 2.99 with a 1.00 SCR.. There is a 1.00 coupon in the paper this week, so after your coupon and your SCR, you will have paid 0.99
$$John Frieda Shampoo is on sale for 4.99 with a 2.00 SCR.. There was a coupon a few weeks ago in the paper for $2 off. After your coupon and your SCR, you will have paid .99.

Now, onto the BIG MONEYMAKER for the week... Walgreens..
Remember, Walgreens is as picky as the day is long. I'm still trying to learn it myself, but this week is the week to figure it out! There are LOTS of deals with Register Rewards... These print out with your receipt kinda like extra bucks, however they are much more complicated because they count as manufacturer's coupons. It's weird and complicated. Go to and click on the Get started link at the top and search for Walgreens. Read that before you even ATTEMPT to go to Walgreens. If you don't, you won't be able to use half of your coupons. The most important thing to remember is to ALWAYS have the SAME # of items in your cart as you do coupons in your hand.. No matter what kind of coupon it is, whether it be from the paper, from a Walgreens ad, or register rewards... If you have 5 items in your cart and you try to give them 6 coupons, they will NOT take the 6th one.. You may have to purchase a "filler" item like a piece of candy at the register in order to use all of your coupons.. Complicated, but worth it this week!!!

$$Centrum Cardio Vitamin... If you don't use these, buy them anyway!!! You'll see why in a second... They are on sale for 8.99 and when you buy them, you will get a FREE 20 ct Excedrin. There is a 2.00 coupon in the paper this week AND a $10 Mail in REBATE!!!! So, if you pay 8.99 and use your coupon, you will get them for 6.99 (and you'll get free excedrin). After you do the mail-in rebate, you will make $3.01 profit AND a FREE bottle of Excedrin!
$$12 pk of 7up, Dr Pepper, Sunkist, A&W, and others are 3/$11. There is a printable 1.00 coupon on the 7up website and you'll get $5 back in Register rewards if you purchase 3. We are buying 1 7up, one Dr Pepper and 1 Sunkist. We will pay $10 after my $1 coupon and I'll get $5 in Register Rewards making them 1.66 for a 12 pack!
$$Right Guard Deodorant is 2.99. There was a 1.00 coupon in the paper a few weeks back which will make it 1.99. When you buy it, you'll get 2.00 in register rewards, so you will make 0.01 profit!
$$Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste is 4.49. There is a printable coupon that you can find on the southern savers web site under Walgreens Ad 5/3-5/9 for $1.00. After coupon, you will pay 3.49. then you will get 4.49 in Register Rewards giving you a profit of 1.00!
$$Tide 20-40 load is 5.99. There is a .35 coupon in this weeks paper, making it 5.64 and you will get 1.00 register rewards, making it 4.64
$$Venus 3 pk disposable razors are 5.99. There is a 2.00 coupon from the paper a few weeks back, making it 3.99. You will get 1.50 register rewards, making it 2.49! Great to stock up on for vacations!!
$$Oral-B Power Toothbrushes (Cross Action or Stages) are 5.99. There is a 3.00 coupon in today's paper making it 2.99 and you'll get register rewards for another 1.00 making it 1.99 for a VERY expensive power toothbrush!!
$$No Nonsense Socks and Hosiery is B1G1. There were 1.00 coupons in the paper a few weeks back and you MAY be able to use 2 coupons if you buy 2 but I'm not sure. I'm stocking up on some socks.. Just an added note, there are LOTS of these No Nonsense coupons in the folder at church if you need them.

Well, that's it for the drug stores!! Tomorrow I'll hit the grocery ads!!! Happy shopping!!

****Added note. If any of you have the 1.00 off Scott tissue that is about to expire any day now, Rite Aid has the 4 pk on sale for 2.99 this week, so it's 1.99 with the coupon. Great use for an almost expired coupon! Funny.... I remember when Scott 4 pk tissue used to go on sale for 1.99 ALL the time. Times have changed!!!


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