Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well, I have not, up until this point done a lot with my Swagbucks account, but all that is about to change. I am a die hard fan of ebates.com and wasn't real keen on the idea of using Swagbucks to shop with instead, so I signed up for the account, got my 3 swagbucks and have not used it since. Today I read an article posted by southern savers about swagbucks and decided I'd give it another try. This is what  I found out.. Swagbucks is JUST a search engine, just like google! Only with google, you don't make any money!  All you do is sign up for the account, install the toolbar at the top of your search box and anytime you do ANY kind of search, type the word or words into your swagbucks search box! That's it! I did that a little while ago and found 2 more swagbucks in SECONDS! You don't HAVE to buy anything. You just use it to search! How cool is that!

Ok, here's the best part. How many of you have old cell phones lying around?? I had 5 of them! Once you install the toolbar, click on "Ways to Earn" and then "Trade In". If you recycle your old phones with Swagbucks, you earn swagbucks for them! And THEY pay the shipping! I just did 5 phones and earned 34 swagbucks!

If you don't know why you would want swagbucks, then I'll tell you.. Because you redeem them for cool stuff! You can get amazon.com gift cards, Wii fit, and a million or so other things with your swagbucks. There are many other ways to get them too and I'm currently trying to figure out all the other tricks.  If you'll notice, at the bottom of my blog, there is a box that says "swagbucks" on it. Do me a favor, would ya? If you ever need to look up anything and you happen to be on my blog, use that search box and earn me some swagbucks! Thanks! If I earn a Wii, I'll let you come over and play!


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