Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Need Textbooks?? Gotta web site for you!

Thanks Pam for this one!

Pam has told me about a wonderful web site that helps me none at all, but I thought it might help some of you. You will find it at is a textbook rental site. If you are in need of textbooks for school, you can rent them there instead of forking over the HUNDREDS of dollars that it usually costs to buy them new (or even used). Pam saw this on Facebook and tried it and has had great results. You order the books, they ship them to you for free and you can use them for an entire semester and then ship them back. She got a book that sells for over $100 and she only paid right at $30 to rent it. That is a HUGE savings and you don't have to try to resell it when the semester is over.

I'm not sure if they rent home school materials or not because I did not know any names of any of the books to try it out. If someone finds out they do, post a comment so we all will know. Thanks Pam!


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