Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Singing the praises of Ebates

I posted this a while back, but since my "following" seems to grow every day, I thought I'd post it again. If you are doing any shopping online for gifts this year,  go to Ebates first and sign up with them. Ebates is one of MANY sites that offers cash back when you make an online purchase. I signed up for it a while back but until this week I had not used it yet. Many of you know about the WONDERFUL blessing we recieved late last week in the mail. If you do not know, I won a contest that I don't even remember entering and received a $500 Publix gift card in the mail. Since $500 in groceries would last me FOREVER, I decided to turn it into something that was more usable for my family. We went to Publix and purchased 5 $100 Sears gift cards with it and then purchased a 42 inch Plasma TV from Sears. We did this on Cyber Monday and on that day, Ebates was offering double cash back to many stores, one of which was Sears. So, I ordered my TV online and did in store pick-up so that it did not have to be shipped and I used Ebates. This morning I received an email telling me that I had a check for $36 on it's way to me in the mail from Ebates. Not only was I blessed beyond all comprehension with this gift card, but I also got an additional $36!!!! Let me tell you, God is GOOD to us!!!!! We are enjoying our new TV and I will also enjoy the $36 check. To God be the glory!!!!!


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