Monday, December 21, 2009

an odd request

I'm not really sure how many people I have reading my blog and I hope this does not offend anyone in any way, but I just wanted to get the word out anyway that I can...

A good friend of ours, Anthony is having MAJOR surgery today at 1:30 pm in Charlotte. He is having a cancerous tumor removed from the roof of his mouth. Anthony has a wonderful wife and 3 young boys who need their daddy back home with them soon. Anthony is facing many, many long and VERY difficult months of recovery time and this surgery will turn their entire world upside down for a long time. I am asking for any of you who have faith in Jesus Christ to please approach the throne today and pray for this wonderful family. Their faith is strong and I am believing God for a miracle that can not be explained through medicine or science-one that would proclaim to everyone who knows Anthony that Jesus is real and is ALWAYS on the throne. Thank you all!


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